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Basic Policies for Protection of Personal Information.


  1. “Personal Information” means any information with which a customer can be identified, such as the individual’s name, address, phone number, Fax number, and electronic mail address. It also includes any information which can be easily matched with other information, allowing identification of a customer.
  2. “Sensitive Personal Information” means any personal information which requires particular care in handling in order not to cause the individual any unjustifiable discrimination, prejudice or other disadvantages, including the individual's race, religion, social status, medical history, criminal history, and status as a victim of crime.
  3. “Equipment Information" means information specific to the customer’s equipment which is communicated by our software or stored on the server providing the service when any of our software or the services on the Internet provided by us (including our website) are used through the use of a customer’s equipment, as well as the status of such communication and connection, with which a customer cannot be identified as an individual.
  4. “Log Information" means the information about the status of executing such software or the services when any of our software or services on the Internet provided by us (including our website) are used through the use of a customer’s equipment. Any Log Information with which the customer can be identified is included in Personal Information, while such Log Information that is made unable to identify the customer is referred to as "Anonymous Processed Information.”
  5. “Support Information” means information such as the details of the inquiry recorded by our representatives when an inquiry is received from a customer (including the product or service name, name of the shop or site used for purchase, device and OS type, and the specific details of the question or defect) and the details of the responses made. In this regard, it will include Personal Information of the customer with which the customer can be identified as an individual, if the name, address, phone number, electronic mail address and other information is provided as required for making a response.
  6. “Payment Information” means the information necessary for the customer to make payment of charges via the Internet, using the payment services of credit card companies and carriers such as NTT, KDDI and SoftBank.

Basic Policies

DigiOn has established the following "Basic Policies for Protection of Personal Information” to ensure proper protection of Personal Information.

  1. DigiOn has established the following "Basic Policies for Protection of Personal Information” to ensure proper protection of Personal Information. In addition to conducting educational activities for employees on the importance of protecting Personal Information, we assign a chief administrator for Personal Information protection to pursue implementation, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of protection of Personal Information in an appropriate manner.
  2. Personal Information will be collected and stored in an isolated and protected database to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of the information.
  3. When collecting, using, or providing Personal Information, we will manage Personal Information appropriately according to the actual business operations.
  4. We will comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of Personal Information as well as other relevant code and rules.
  5. We will handle any other information collected from the customers as follows:
    1. Equipment Information will be collected and stored in the same manner as for Personal Information and will not be used other than for the purpose of using and improving our software or services.
    2. For Anonymous Processed Information, we will take any necessary and appropriate measures for security management, and any other measures needed to secure proper management such as handling of complaints regarding creation and other handling of Anonymous Processed Information.
    3. Support Information will be collected and stored in the same manner as for Personal Information and will be handled pursuant to these Basic Policies.
    4. We will not collect any Payment Information. At DiXiM Store, an online store operated by us, payment is made and settled on the payment servers operated by the payment service providers or their agents and no Payment Information is collected by DiXiM Store.
  6. We will not collect any private information (matters and circumstances which the customer does not wish to disclose).

Collection and Intended Use

  1. DigiOn will collect Personal Information only to the extent necessary for our business by way of:
    1. Asking participants for business cards or registering of names and other information in our business activities such as seminars and events
    2. Asking individuals to provide information on our website with the consent of each individual
    3. Asking customers to provide Personal Information when using our products
    4. Storing the status of execution while our products or services are being used
  2. DigiOn will use the Personal Information collected for the following purposes:
    1. To introduce our products, technologies, and services, and to send invitations to trade shows
    2. To communicate with customers as needed for the use of our products and services

Disclosure and Provision of Information to Third Parties

Except for the cases provided below, DigiOn will not disclose or provide any Personal Information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the relevant individual. (There may be cases, however, where Personal Information other than Sensitive Personal Information is disclosed or provided to a third party by giving notice to the relevant individual, or when it is not possible to make such notice, by making such arrangements as to enable the relevant individual to readily know of it, and reporting to the Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan.)
Please note that Anonymous Processed Information that is not Personal Information may be disclosed or provided to a third party in the following cases.

  1. Pursuant to laws and regulations
  2. If it is required for protection of the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  3. If it is particularly required for the public health and/or sound growth of children
  4. To cooperate with government institutions
  5. To provide the information to our business partners in contract with us for the purpose of providing the customers with our services (e.g., provision of information and shipping of products). In such cases, DigiOn will impose on such partners the obligation of Personal Information protection.

Scope of Applying these Basic Policies

DigiOn will comply with these Basic Policies for the Personal Information held by us to protect the Personal Information in a proper manner. DigiOn is not responsible for the protection of personal and other information on the websites of third parties (companies or individuals) linked to our web pages.

Request and Notification of Disclosure and Correction

With respect to Personal Information, DigiOn will respond to a request from a customer himself/herself for disclosure, correction, or deletion as follows:

Request for disclosure

We will handle the request to the extent provided for in these Basic Policies. We may, however, reject such request if it violates laws and regulations, if it may prejudice the rights of life, body, and property, and if there is a risk of significantly hindering the proper business operations of the company.

Request for correction, addition, deletion, or suspension of use

We will handle the request to the extent necessary for responding to such request after verifying the details of the request.

Contact for Inquiry or Request for Disclosure and Correction

Any inquiries about Personal Information or requests for disclosure or correction of Personal Information should be addressed via an e-mail to

Revision of these Basic Policies

Provisions of these Basic Policies are subject to revision in line with the changes to various laws, regulations and rules, and to the content of our website and services in order to manage and handle Personal Information of our customers in a proper manner. When these Basic Policies are revised, this page will be updated as needed. If the intended use of Personal Information is changed, we will make an announcement in advance on this page.