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About the usage of this website

Collection of information on this website

For the handling of various types of information collected from a customer on this web page, any Personal Information and other information shall be treated in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in the Basic Policies for Protection of Personal Information.

About Basic Policies for Protection of Personal Information

  1. When you provide DigiOn with any information using the website of DigiOn, the information you provide will be sent to DigiOn’s Web server after going through SSL encryption. An SSL-enabled browser is required to provide information using our website.

  2. When you access DigiOn’s website, DigiOn’s Web server will store such data as the type of computer and operating system and the address of the website visited immediately before the access as a protected access log for a certain period of time. The access log will also be retained when you use e-mails and downloading or other services. However, it is impossible to identify any Personal Information, and customer anonymity is maintained. Content of the e-mail and name of the sender can be known to the recipient only which will be treated in accordance with the Basic Policies for Protection of Personal Information once received.

  3. DigiOn’s website uses “Report on user demographics and interest categories” of Google Analytics (web page access analysis services) provided by Google, in order to improve the convenience of services. “Report on user demographics and interest categories” stores the usage history of the advertising network provided by Google (collectively refers to Google's services such as Google search, YouTube and Gmail, and the websites and applications carrying advertisements in partnership with Google) to the users’ browsers as cookie information in order for Google to know the types of pages accessed by the users. Based on this cookie information, the user demographics (age and gender) and the interest categories (interests and concerns) are determined to display advertisements deemed suitable for the user. Based on the user data provided by Google, the site operators will be able to know the attribute information of the site users (age, gender, interests, etc.).
    However, no information to identify an individual is included in cookie information, so anonymity of the customer will be maintained. It will not be possible to identify an individual by combining cookie information with the data independently obtained by this site or the cookie set by a server outside the domain of this site (third-party cookies).

  4. If you wish to refuse acquisition of your behavior history by Google Analytics (e.g., history of pages you visited within our site, time spent on each page, type and version of your browser and operating system, and whether it was first-time visit or revisit) and the use of “Report on user demographics and interest categories,” you may choose opt-out from the opt-out page provided by Google:

  5. While it is also possible for you to deactivate the cookie function by changing the configuration of your browser, it may result in inability to access all or part of the services on the web pages.

For more information:

If you have any questions or comments about the DigiOn website or use of the website, please contact us by e-mail to: