DiXiM Home Network SDK


Product Highlights

Based on DigiOn's strong foundation of technical knowledge and contributions to the DLNA, the DiXiM Home Network SDK provides robust implementations of the DLNA guidelines, including Device Classes, Device Capabilities, Upnp Devices and Control Points, a large portion of which are built around the DiXiM UPnP SDK, our core UPnP network protocol stack. The SDK also provides sample code to further accelerate development of Home Network aware products.

The DiXiM Home Network SDK can be broken down into three packages:

  • DiXiM UPnP SDK package

    Further composed from the DiXiM Porting Layer SDK module, DiXiM UPnP SDK module, and DiXiM UPnP Advanced SDK module.

  • DiXiM DMS SDK package

    Consists of a single DiXiM DMS SDK module.

  • DiXiM DTCP-IP SDK package

    Consists of a single DiXiM DTCP-IP SDK module.

DiXiM Home Network SDK package

Depending on a contract between our customer and DigiOn, we provide one or more of these SDK packages.

Support for Copyright Protection Technologies

DigiOn offers DiXiM DTCP-IP SDK and DiXiM Marlin SDK as products. Both SDKs are optional for DiXiM Home Network SDK and they can be used as a combination. For details of each product, please refer to their introduction pages.

DiXiM SDK Use Cases

Watch Digital Photos on TV

Digital photos taken by mobile phones can be watched on TV without cord connections.

Upload Digital Photos from Mobile Phone to Home Server

Digital photos taken by mobile phones can be uploaded to DLNA compliant Home Servers. AutoSync function is available as well.
(Note: Support for DLNA v1.5's upload function is required.)

Access Home Content from Outside of Homes

Accessing Home Contents from outside Accessing a home gateway machine, which gathers all information of content stored in DLNA compliant devices in home, from outside allows users to download / play content with their mobile phones or in cars, and copy the data in devices including digital camera from outside to home servers.
(Note: Access from outside is NOT included in the DLNA specifications.)

Play Content in Mobile Audio Device with In-car AV Device

Content in mobile audio devices can play with any DLNA supported mobile players wirelessly.

Enjoy Recorded Content in HDD Recorder with Mobile Phone

Recorded content in DLNA compliant recorders can play with mobile phones any time, anywhere.
(Note: Content needs to be transcoded to formats playable on mobile phones.)

Copy Content from Home to In-car AV Device

Content stored on PCs or HDD recorders can be copied to in-car AV devices either from home or mobile phones.