DTCP-IP Enabled DiXiM Media Server


Product Highlights

DTCP-IP is a technology that encrypts channels used for sharing Japanese digital broadcasting contents and/or premium contents on the home network. Based on the DLNA CertifiedTM DMS "DiXiM Media Server series", DTCP-IP enabled DiXiM Media Server, a highly functional server application, enables not only DTCP-IP distribution, but also DTCP-IP move/copy reception and transmission.

DTCP-IP Distribution Feature

This feature encrypts premium content files saved on a server device using DTCP-IP and streams the encrypted files to a player device. DTCP-IP prevents contents from being leaked illegally by performing interactive device authentication between server and player devices before initiating the encrypted communications.

DTCP-IP Move/Copy Feature

Copyright protected premium content files are generally encrypted by being linked to the device in which they are saved; the copies of these files cannot play on other devices. This prevents contents from being created their unauthorized copies, but is not convenient for end users. Therefore a way to properly move content files to other devices has been desired. DTCP-IP move/copy is a feature that realizes moving contents between devices on the home network. DTCP-IP enabled DiXiM Media Server implements this feature based on the latest standard added to DTCP-IP 1.2.
For example, digital TV broadcasts supporting the "dubbing 10" system, allow viewers to make as many as 9 copies of their originals from the recording device to other devices (DTCP-IP Copy). Combined with a digital broadcast TV tuner and video recording application, DTCP-IP enabled DiXiM Media Server is able to send recorded "dubbing 10" supported programs to other devices with DTCP-IP move/copy. In addition the DTCP-IP move/copy reception feature can be added as well to receive contents sent as DTCP-IP move/copy, and these received contents can play on player devices on the home network by DTCP-IP streaming. Furthermore, "move out", a feature that moves contents to other server devices with DTCP-IP move, is available as well. Thus, premium contents can be moved between server devices while their copyrights are protected, which allows users to structure their content library easily and freely.