DiXiM Media Server


Product Highlights

DiXiM Media Server is media server software that delivers multimedia contents to media player client devices on the home network with its support for DLNA Guidelines v1.5.
DiXiM Media Server, being upgraded continuously, started its history as a server application which was the world's first certified UPnP Media Server Device. Then it becomes a Media Server application (Windows Edition and Linux Edition) used for the devices which obtained DLNA Guidelines v1.0 and v1.5 supported-DLNA CERTIFIED™ logo certification. DiXiM Media Server is one of the Media Servers with a longest history and biggest achievements in this industry.
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Functional Overview

Outstanding CDS Feature

Both CDS:Search and CDS:Browse actions are supported for content on the CDS(Content Directory Service) hierarchies. For these actions, filtering by ‹Filter› tag and sorting by ‹sort› tags are available for all metadata. When using CDS:Search, an advanced filtered search can be performed depending on the SearchCriteria settings. All metadata can be used as descriptors in SearchCriteria. Furthermore complicated conditional descriptions in which more than one logical operators, comparison operators, and brackets are used are also supported. Thus DiXiM Media Server boasts the maximum content search capability that can be realized on the UPnP specification.

Content Categorizing

Without relying on the structure of the public directory in which contents are stored, a class structure, clustered based on media class and meta data, is provided to classify and expose contents.


When content is added/changed/deleted on the local file system, its meta data is retrieved automatically. Then the content list and meta data in the CDS layer are updated and the NOTIFY message is sent to UPnP Control Point devices.

Content Distribution

Streaming server feature supporting HTTP 1.1 is optimized for multimedia content distribution and the features in DLNA Guidelines. It also provides JPEG data transcoding feature, as well as the seek feature that supports Time-Based Seek and Byte-Range Seek for each video/audio format.

HTTP Server

HTTP server that streams HTML content is incorporated separately from streaming server for multimedia content.

DLNA Upload

DiXiM Media Server works as the upload destination for Upload System Usage in DLNA Guidelines, with its support for Create AnyContainer Operation and other optional operations, such as OCM:Upload Content, OCM:Create Child Container, OCM:Destroy Item, and OCM: upload content with OCM:destroy item.